pound sign feesTo give a brief overview of the likely costs please see the price list below.

If you require any further services I would be happy to provide you with a more ‘bespoke’ price for your requirements.

I would anticipate that 90% of the time the costs listed below will apply, the only time when they would not would be if there was an excessive amount of paperwork. If you require a definite price for your work please do not hesitate to contact me further and I would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

I am also happy for the fees to be paid monthly, this would typically be from £30.00 per month for self employed accounts and limited company accounts respectively.

Self Employed Accounts from £245.00

This would typically include your Accounts and Self Assessment Return completed along with electronic copies for your records.

Limited Company Accounts from £295.00

This would typically include your Abbreviated Accounts to file with Companies House, Corporation Tax Return and all calculations and Accounts for you to keep.

Dividend Paperwork from £30

Paperwork dealing with payments of dividends can all be prepared for a small additional cost normally about £30. This is essential if you pay yourself by a mixture of salary and dividends.

Payroll from £3.00 per employee for each payroll run

This would include a pdf version of the payslip along with calculations and instructions on when to pay PAYE and National Insurance. This also includes online filing of all payroll forms to the HMRC.

Prices correct from April 1st 2014.

Clients agreeing to a 3 year contract for services can apply to have the prices frozen for the duration of the contract.

The work will be done to your satisfaction before any fee’s are due or requested.

VAT MugVAT Returns

Self Employed from £65 per quarter

Limited Company from £100 per quarter

All your paperwork will be dealt with and you will be presented with a vat return report and a set of quarterly accounts.

Any Questions?

If you require clarification, or have any questions regarding our fees then please contact Carl for a No Obligation chat.

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