man-with-headacheDoes the thought of doing your annual accounts give you a headache? I can prepare Accounts in two ways, you can either opt for me to update them on a monthly basis and for me to send you updated information every month showing how your business is performing or you can have all the work done at the financial year end.

The benefit of the monthly update is that you are constantly receiving information on your business and its profitability, which you can use to ensure its future success and that you can make provisions in your budget to meet your tax liability.

You can also be sure that at the time you need your Self Assessment completing all the paperwork is up-to-date, and any fines from the Inland Revenue will be avoided. I would for this reason alone recommend the monthly updates to your Accounts.

If you choose to have your Accounts prepared yearly I would recommend that you forward all your paperwork as soon as possible to me so that I can be sure of completing them in time.

There would be no difference in charge for each method of producing Accounts.

If you need further help on keeping details of your financial transactions please see my ‘Advice‘ page.


Accounts can be prepared in a number of formats for either fulfilling your requirements for self assessment tax returns, filing with Companies House for limited companies or to provide financial information on your business.

The Process

Once I receive all your paperwork I will begin to process your book-keeping, whichever way you have your Accounts done.

I will process all book-keeping work using Sage Accounts and when finished I will prepare final Accounts for your business .

These will first be prepared in a draft format and sent to you for examination, this is the only time that you will be able to make any changes to these accounts. If you see any ommisions at this moment, please send me the paperwork, and I can make the necessary adjustments to include them. I will at this time contact you if I have any queries about your paperwork or if I need further information.

Once you have signed and returned these Accounts to me, I will begin to prepare the final accounts a copy of will be sent in a presentation folder for you to keep.

Prices – A Guideline

The price for most accounts would be in the range of £150 – £400. This would depend on the amount of work involved and the time it would take to complete.

Starting at the lower end of the range would be a typical self employed business owner working by themselves and not employing any staff.

This would move up to the higher end of the price range at £400 for limited companies requiring accounts to be filed at Companies House and the associated paperwork that is necessary. Completing company tax returns and calculations, preparing paperwork for paying dividends to the directors and running the payroll for any staff.

These prices would only serve to give a guideline of the costs involved if you require a more definite quote please contact me for further details.

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